Let your employees track attendance by clocking in and out using time clocks, mobile apps, or web apps. Real-time data is synced for attendance monitoring.

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Clock-in, Clock-out

Choose between the Time Clocks, mobile app, web app or let your employees decide by choosing any combination of the methods mentioned. The system monitors if your employees clocked in at the right location and on time. And even though tracking Employee Attendance truly is simple from employees’ perspective, it is a whole different story on managers’ level. XperienceHR offers features with detailed overviews like Mass Approval, Detail View and others.

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Late and Missing Function

The system allows to set up the late and missing rules. Missing employees can be notified by sms about their duty to join the shift. Managers are notified by emails. This feature allows a proactive approach in the staffing agencies. The staff provider knows in real time who is late. This allows the agent to take an action before the client calls asking about the missing staff.

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Attendance Reports

The system generates every report type you need for processing your Employee Attendance data effectively, for example, the Comprehensive Report and the Time Off Report.

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Atendance for any employee

There is a range of options for time tracking for each employee and team. You can set the way of time tracking to fit your type of work schedules and environment.


Attendance for Manufacturing

Attendance in manufacturing and logistics certainly presents some nuances. XperienceHR gives you an immediate overview of a number of employees in the factory, warehouse, and on each production line including information about skills and certificates.

Manufacturing Workers

Attendance for Staffing Agencies

XperienceHR Staffing is easily scalable to all your customer sites and countries. Unlimited sites, employees, shift types, rates and more.

Construction Worker

Attendance Tracking Methods

Experience the future of attendance tracking with our cutting-edge solutions crafted to revolutionize workforce management. Utilizing advanced NFC technology and user-friendly web and mobile applications, our comprehensive tools enable precise and efficient monitoring of employee attendance.

Attendance tracking methods

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