Attendance for Factories

Attendance in manufacturing and logistics certainly presents some nuances. XperienceHR gives you an immediate overview of a number of employees in the factory, warehouse, and on each production line in a real time including information about skills and certificates. Check out how it works!

Manufacturing Workers

Time clocks with dual cards

Time clocks or terminals record the time and attendance activities of clocked-in employees. These records are compared in the system with employee work calendars/shift plans to capture any alterations in real-time. The terminals can be located in different locations to monitor idle and active work time. For example, time spent in changing room, on a smoke break, actual work. Each employee is given a card coded with their unique ID number. The card can function to:
1/ clock -in and -out by tapping the terminal
2/ to open the doors, ramps, or to access specific locations within the work area.
If both 1/ and 2/are required, we provide Dual Cards with NFC and RDIF signals.

XPHR cards

Efficiency and Late and Missing Fuction

Shift leaders or managers have a constant and immediate overview of a number of workers on the work floor, be it SMEs or large enterprises. The system allows to set up the late and missing rules. Missing employees can be notified by sms about their duty to join the shift. Shift plan defines the number of workers required on each production line with a specific list of skills.
If there is an alteration, e.g. some workers are missing or work is completed faster than planned, the floor manager can shuffle the workforce around using the shift scheduling for the most effective use of skills and time.


Real-time attendance

Dashboard provides live data on each production line or any other monitored factory location. Real-time data is in a form of graphs and charts. Best practice shows that in this type of workforce management it is ideal to have the dashboard data displayed by all production lines on large screens.

Real time graph
Approval Icon

Skills Feature

The Skills functionality was developed in close cooperation with our client – one of the largest staffing agencies in Europe. The Skills module is broadly used in manufacturing and logistics covering their need for a reliable time and attendance management software. In short, it enables to define a set of skills required for performing specific tasks on the shifts. The system records the validity of required certificates. Employees with expired certification are not allowed on the shift.

Time Entry Icon

Shift Planning and any type of shift

Shift Planner functionality serves for managing a frequent variation of shifts and crew members in various locations. This easy-to-use drag-and-drop function lets the managers plan the shifts for their employees in a short time. Unlimited types, rates, shift durations and extra pay are only some of the functionalities which are assuring compliance with local legislation and your customer contracts.

Notifications icon

Real-time notifications

Late and missing email notifications help you resolve operating issues in real time. Employees can request time off using their mobile app or by reaching out to the Chief of the Shift who will record their absence in the online HR system. Managers can perform mass approvals/rejections of absences on the web or on the mobile app.

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