XperienceHR time and attendance system allows you to track time literally anywhere. There is a range of options for time tracking for each employee and team. You can set the way of time tracking to fit your type of work schedules and environment.

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Professional and Office Employees

Web interface

A full range of time tracking functionalities for clock-in/clock-out and for recording breaks.

Single Sign On (SSO)

An option for an immediate access to XperienceHR synchronized with your company email.

Mobile app

The most convenient option for all smartphone users. Available on Android and iOS.

Your company GPS coordinates can be set to confirm the location of mobile clock-in. GEO – fencing option is available for the countries where compliant with the local labor law.

Exception-based time tracking encouraging trust

Your employees are considered to be present and working unless a specific type of absence is recorded and approved (vacation, doctor visit etc..). The breaks are set up automatically based on your company rules and local work code. The timesheets are fully automated.

Industrial and Warehouse Workers

Simple and reliable setup for everyday factory life

Wall-mounted NFC Time Clock for fast and simple clock-in/clock-out. No complicated buttons. Employees use a programmable NFC card to tap in/out. A possibility to use NFC silicon wristbands, NFC T-shirts or Edenred Ticket Restaurant meals cards. Real-time data for accurate overview of presence of all workers. Managers have a late and missing information at their fingertips. Attendance data for payroll is imediately available at the end of each month.

NFC Up Card

Field Workers and Outdoor Crews

A resilient solution for any type of work environment.

Crew Timesheets

for managing a frequent variation of shifts and crew-members in various locations.

Convenient set up

Team Lead has XperienceHR app installed on his mobile as NFC reader. The whole team taps the phone with arm-bands to clock-in.

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