With XperienceHR at hand you can get ahead of the competition. How? When the temp staff is missing or late at the assigned location, angry client does not call you. Instead, real time data enables you to practice a proactive approach towards your client. You can inform them right away that the situation is under control, and you are for example sending a substitute worker.

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Get real-time efficiency

Improve efficiency with digital workflows, increase invoicing thanks to reduced absence rates, and speed up your billing cycle with online data feeds.

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Eliminate absence fraud

Real-time absence tracking significantly reduces absence-related fraud, resulting in increased profitability for the staffing company.

Keep the costs down

With all digital workflow, low-cost NFC cards together with NFC terminals, and free mobile apps, you get results while keeping the costs down.

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T&A SaaS system for all your sites and companies

One flexible, enterprise-grade system tracks all your employees across all customer sites and countries, in multiple legal entities and jurisdictions. Know how many employees you have in the field at all times.

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