Web Apps

Benefits of Web Based Applications

< 1 min read   Web based applications can do magic under the current upheaval of the coronavirus pandemic. The number of “office” locations multiplied suddenly and largely to protect the health of their employees. The necessity of making technological choices took up a new … Read More

Introducing: Employee Groups

< 1 min read Is you company head count growing? Does employee billing setup get complicated ? As it turns out, with large number of employees, setting or adjusting the billing rates gets quite time consuming.   And that’s where employee groups feature comes … Read More

15 best new features in Flapps time tracking for 2015

4 min read We are excited to announce the set of new features in Flapps. We listened to your requests and introduced many new or enhancements to existing features. This blog post will briefly go into detail of each new feature so we … Read More

Can Time Tracking software really increase employee productivity?

2 min read There have been tons of books and blogs written about work productivity, personal productivity, employee productivity. There are many software applications meant to help with the productivity, there even is an AppStore category named Productivity.   What does the productivity … Read More

New JIRA Add-on for Flapps

< 1 min read Atlassian with its popular JIRA application has completely redesigned their plugin framework in the last several months. This forced us to rewrite the old plugin (or lets use the new Atlassian terminology that calls it an Add-on) that syncs work logged … Read More

Software as a Service Constant Innovation

2 min read The main advantage of using software as a service is the fact that it constantly evolves and gets better. The same goes for Flapps. We add new features, make enhancements to existing features and fix bugs on an ongoing basis. … Read More

Online Time Tracking

2 min read Online time tracking is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Period. If you do not know where your time is going, then how can you know if your business is running in a profitable mode, or … Read More

10 New Features in Flapps for 2014

5 min read * Happy 2014!  10 New Features for Flapps Time Tracking Software   We are very happy to write this blog post. We would like to announce and briefly describe the new features in Flapps. Features were gradually released to all … Read More

Flapps Upgrades Online Help Options

< 1 min read Just another reason to go with Flapps for your online time tracking and time off management needs.   We just added a new online help option to the website and app. This makes it super easy to get in touch … Read More

Flapps Has A New Logo!

< 1 min read Flapps is proud to announce the release of the new branding and identity package for the company. The new logo has a stronger sense of time and time tracking than the previous look had. The new blue color also is … Read More