Benefits of Web Based Applications

2 min read     Web applications can do magic under the current upheaval of the coronavirus pandemic. The number of “office” locations multiplied suddenly and largely to protect the health of their employees. The necessity of making technological choices took up a new … Read More

An Unprecedented Home Office Era – Three Aspects to Consider

2 min read     1/ Finding Balance The way you approach people management during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will have direct impact on your employer branding and your employees’ happiness. Building a structural process which is easy to follow is essential. Of … Read More

Your Free Practical Guide: How to Reboot Your HR in 20 Pages

< 1 min read This e-book is for all HR Innovators, Tech-Enthusiasts and People Leaders. Expect to grab some practical tips and be inspired by real life cases. Take a personalized tech-turn making your employees happier and engaged. Here it is: How to Reboot Your … Read More

Employee Feedback and the Power of Good Timing

3 min read Today, we all live in a high-speed Internet age. Everything around us is becoming fast. Instant music downloads, instant messaging, same-day deliveries, fast electric cars – you want everything to be fast. News on social spread like fire, kids want … Read More

What Does It Take to Create an Intuitive Tool?

2 min read   It has been a while since we have set on a journey of creating Flapps. Of course we had a pretty clear idea about its basic functionalities, technical possibilities and user-friendly design. The first version of the web-base app … Read More

HR Solution Provider Selection Process: 5 (obvious) Points

2 min read “It has been decided: We are going to modernise our HR systems!” Sure, exciting but this one statement can mean a giant and complex task. Well here are a few tips on how you can cut down on some unnecessary … Read More

Unleashing Power, Revealing The Secrets

2 min read   HR Tech World Amsterdam was a magical place to be this October! Well, actually, now rebranded to Unleash, this very nicely goes in line with Taras’ presentation delivered at the start up stage yesterday: “What Secrets The Time And Attendance … Read More

Step Up and Become a HR Game-changer!

< 1 min read There are times when you are strong enough to push through the systems-change, other times you accept it all just as it is – hoping it will not fall apart… Any of these notions has hit you recently?   ☹ … Read More

How Flapps & FAMOCO Solutions Track Time & Attendance of Field Workers

2 min read   Challenge Flapps has opened up a dialogue with a client who is an international personnel service provider offering flexible personnel solutions in the business lines of temporary staffing, permanent placement and other HR services. The client is present in 16 countries with its employee base … Read More

10 Tips To Turn Your HR Into Tragedy

< 1 min read   Here is a compilation of 10 best practices observed in the companies resisting modernisation of their HR systems. Numb your curiosity; simply don’t care about what others are doing. Stay paralyzed by fear of anything containing these 4 letters: TECH. Kill your mindset … Read More