Flapps 2016 Review

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Focus on Flapps: My Settings

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Focus on Flapps: Food Vouchers

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Focus on Flapps: Tasks

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Focus on Flapps: Workweek

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What’s New in Flapps: part 4

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Focus on Flapps: Employees

We shine the spotlight on the Employees section in the latest installment of Focus on Flapps. Please note that this feature is only available to project managers and those that have admin responsibilities. The Employees feature is a multifunctional tool … Read More

Introducing our redesigned iOS App

We are pleased to announce that we have redesigned our iOS app making it more user friendly. After listening to feedback from our customers we have set about making some changes to the app, including adding the ability to select more … Read More

Focus on Flapps: Homepage

An often overlooked page, but a very important part of our service, the Homepage is the next feature in the Focus on Flapps series. The first thing to mention about the homepage is how customizable it is. You can decide … Read More

Focus on Flapps: Attendance

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