Attendance for any employee

Attendance for any employee type, with a range of options for each employee and team. Set the way fit your type of work schedules and environment.


Proffesional & Office Workers

The web interface offers a full range of functionalities for clock-in/clock-out and for recording breaks. The Single Sign On option serves as immediate access to XperienceHR synchronized with your company email. The most convenient option for all smartphone users is the mobile app.


Industrial & Warehouse Workers

Wall-mounted NFC Time Clock for fast and simple clock-in/clock-out. No complicated buttons. Employees use a programmable NFC card to tap in/out. A possibility to use NFC silicon wristbands, or meal cards. Real-time data for an accurate overview of the presence of all workers. Managers have late and missing information at their fingertips. Attendance data for payroll is immediately available at the end of each month.


Field Workers & Outdoor Crew

A resilient solution for any type of work environment. Crew timesheets & Shift planning for managing a frequent variation of shifts and crew-members in various locations.