Time Tracking

Track Time Effectively. The essence of time tracking is to reduce labor costs, increase compliance and employee productivity. Doing things efficiently is the only path.

Time Tracking

Track Time on any Device

Whether in the office or on the go, our web and mobile app is the fastest and most convenient way to track your time on specific client projects. XperienceHR mobile app lets you easily request sick time, vacation time, and PTO. Your requests are immediately recorded in the system and a notification is sent to your manager for approval.

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Timesheets and more

Whether you need to track your activities and tasks day by day, week by week or you want it to be done fully automatically, XperienceHR has you covered. Our daily and weekly Timesheets are now accompanied by Team Timesheet which allows you to track time for your entire team. If you feel like tracking same tasks to same projects takes too much of your employees’ time, then Exception-based Time Tracking is the solution for your company. On top of that, every method of Time Tracking in XperienceHR comes in two options: Chronological using start/stop button for the exact timing and Duration simply indicating the number of hours. The choice is yours.

Time Tracking

Employee Feedback

In most countries keeping employee attendance is a must. A monthly feedback review is not. An inbuilt performance feature within the regular timesheet eliminates opening a different app as both tasks are done on a single page. This keeps a 2-way communication open and allows you to make any adjustments swiftly to keep your employees happy and engaged.

Employee Feedback

Exception-based Time Tracking

Fully automatic Time Tracking method which relieves your employees from the burden of tracking their hours. XperienceHR allows you to create custom Work Calendars so that Exception-based Time Tracking will work even for employees with irregular work schedules. This option automatically generates worked hours and Time Offs are submitted to compensate for hours not worked.


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Timesheet Locking and Approvals

Create your organization’s hierarchy of employees, line managers and project managers. In a matter of minutes you can flexibly configure the settings. Choose a standard “employee submit – manager approve – HR close” process or a 4-step approval adding a project manager OK into the process as well. Timesheet locking makes sure the historical data and reports are not tampered with.

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Notifications and Reminders

Turning reminders on significantly increases the employee time tracking compliance and helps to achieve an accurate on-time payroll schedule. XperienceHR comes with a set of fully customizable reminders to perform different time tracking related tasks, from logging hours, submitting timesheets and approving the time off or a timesheet. Reminders are precisely targeted at employees with a certain responsibility and are sent only if was not done.

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Time Tracking of Project Hours at Tasks Level

Time Tracking module breaks the daily activities down to even more detail, to the task level. In Configuration, you can simply turn on the option Task Time Tracking and define your default tasks.

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Permissions and Restrictions

Each employee is assigned a user role position within the organizational structure and the project(s) team. A company can set what features or reports employees can use, what projects they can log the work to, what paid time off they can request, who can access what settings, who can monitor the project status and reports, plus what part of the company time off calendar they have access to and much more.

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Expense Tracking

This feature allows you to track company or project expenses very accurately. Breaking expenses down into custom categories and time periods, expense reports are always at your fingertips. Client expenses flow to the project tracking accurately calculates project profit and can be instantly billed to the client. Expense tracking comes with the approval and reimbursement process. All data is possible to have exported.

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Single Sign-On

XperienceHR gives you the option to use a Single Sign-On (SSO) feature. Implementing SSO in your company will have many benefits including enhanced security, faster login protocol and reduced costs to your IT department due to a lower number of password related problems.

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